January 15, 2014

Geogrid: Do I need it for my Retaining Wall?

GeoGrid what is it ? Geogrid is a geosynthetic material used to reinforce soils and similar materials. Geogrids are commonly used to reinforce retaining walls, sub-bases or sub soils below roads or structures. Soils pull apart under tension. Compared to soil, geogrids are stronger in tension. This fact allows them to transfer forces to a larger area of soil than would otherwise be the case. Ok… Ok…. that’s the technical term…Hell I don’t even understand it (lol). You may have to cut the geogrid at different widths depending on the plans… When the weight of a retaining wall units along is […]
April 5, 2013

Retaining Wall footing… How important is it ?

Retaining Wall Footing For Block Wall A retaining wall footing or leveling pad is the most important part of the project. The footing varies depending on the type of wall you are building.  As you will see at the end of the video. Not doing it right WILL COST YOU A LOT OF MONEY PERIOD. Here is a quick checklist on what it takes to install a retaining wall footing the right way. Dig your trench for the footing . Width and depth depends on the type of block you are using 2. Apply and compact  base rock using a […]
April 2, 2013

Old Wood Retaining Wall Replace In Lafayette CA

INTRODUCTION This retaining wall project took place in Lafayette, CA in Contra Costa County off Highway 24. One of nine counties of the San Francisco Bay Area.  We gave an estimate on this project in 2010. At that time the previous client was looking to sell the house and do a quick retaining wall repair job. Long story short, the client sold the house and gave our information to the new homeowners. So to that client thank you. To the new homeowners thank you as well. PROJECT AND DESIGN: The project was pretty simple. Customer had a failing retaining wall in […]
March 15, 2013

Retaining Wall Construction Solutions San Ramon

Introduction This retaining wall construction project took place in San Ramon, California in the Windemere development. PROJECT AND DESIGN The project was a pretty simple design that the customer presented, together with some input from us.The design consisted of two tiered retaining wall system along with a 1,200 sq.ft of cobble stone pavers. THE CHALLENGES As with any retaining wall construction project challenges present themselves. 1. Remove approximately 100 yards of clay soil before the rain came. 2. Remove all of the dirt through a 3’6″ gate opening, which could not be removed.  It was a good thing our bobcat MT-52 […]
February 15, 2013

How to Build a Retaining Wall in the San Francisco Bay Area

THE FUNNY THING ABOUT BUILDING A RETAINING WALL Remember retaining walls have to be strong enough to hold back the soil behind them. How to build a retaining wall depends upon many factors. Will the retaining wall have to support a heavy vehicle? a building? or just leveling out the yard? In some parts of California frost must also be addressed when building a retaining wall. Building a retaining wall is simple in theory. Of course there are some things one should consider. 1. Do I have the right tools? (YOU WILL NEED MORE THEN A SHOVEL) 2. Are my […]

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